JR Sapporo Train Station direct connection. Right in front of the exit. A street with an ever-lasting feeling for new encounters.

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kita 6 jo nishi 2 chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan
Fixed holiday:Open year round
Business Hours
■Shopping    10:00~21:00
■Restaurant Café 11:00~22:00 
※Business hours are different from store to store.

Terminus Square

■Terminus Square
On the ground floor of center unground at the Terminus Square the area overflows with art; sculptures of a terracotta forest by the sculptor Takenobu Igarashi. There is many other works of art throughout the hotel also.

Children's bathroom

■Children's bathroom
There is a clean and free children's bathroom on-site floor. Also some free-to-use nursing rooms, diaper changing table , and sinks for milk formula on the center basement first floor.

ainz & tulpe

■ainz & tulpe
We will leave you feeling beautiful on the inside and outside with our extensive selection of goods from pharmaceuticals and supplements to domestic and foreign cosmetics.

Rilakkuma Store

■Rilakkuma Store
Rilakkuma Official Shop
An assortment of limited and other items; a shop immersed in Rilakkuma


G-SHOCK, SKAGEN, CK, HAMILTON and a wide variety of other casual watches. A China UnionPay can be used.

北海道食市場 丸海屋

■Hokkaido Sea Food Market Maruumiya
380 types of sake(shochu), Japan sake-with the majority coming from Hokkaido. Seasonal food comes directly from local province farms and ranches and the Akkeshi Fishermen's Cooperative Association. Fresh, cheap, and the portions are very popular. Business hours: until 5:00am

Chocolatier Masale

■Chocolatier Masale
Chocolate, raw cakes, and baked goods; sweets prepared from the dairy products of Hokkaido and carefully selected ingredients from France. A chocolate specialty shop--the best of Sapporo.
Great for souvenirs. A China UnionPay can be used.



paseo is right outside of the JR Sapporo Station exit.
The street consists of many shops like cafes and restaurants, fashions lines and other goods, all bursting with personality, in five theme zones that spread from east to west on the 1st floor to the basement(B1).

Receive 10 "WELCOME COUPON" when you show your passport or the Hokkaido Rail Pass at the information desks in paseo (limited to foreign travelers visiting Japan).
One coupon worth 100yen OFF can be used for every 2,000yen (tax-included) purchases.

Personnel  Tomomi Asada

JR TOWER PASO of popular fashion shops for all ages can be enjoyed day-to-day. There are of course fashion and miscellaneous goods, cafes and restaurants, but also a production of lights, sounds and art waiting when you visit Terminus Square.

Points of Interest

Free wireless internet introduced 

There are 32 access points ready to use within the facility. More details are available at each information desk within the facility.

Trendy items such as fashions and goods in FULL FORCE!

There are popular ladies shops such as Olive des Olive, Liz Lisa, and Cecil McBee, various character shops like the Rilakkuma shop, cosmetics, drugs, books, and music shops. We have many tax-free subjected stores and Union Pay Card accepting stores (Please see the full detailed list of tax-free shops). and two ATM machines within the area.

 Tax-free Shop List (Chinese)

Japanese, Western, Chinese, Ethnic and various other integrated restaurants and cafés.

Hokkaido cuisine using seasonal is very popular Great for lunch and dinner and taking a break from shopping and sight-seeing.



kita 6 jo nishi 2 chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo city Hokkaido Japan  TEL:+81-11-213-5645


【Nearest station】
  • JR Japan Rail
  • Directly connected to Sapporo Station
    From New Chitose Airport JR Rapid (Airport) 36 minutes
    From Asahikawa Station Super Express (L Tokkyu Kamui) 80 mins
    From Otaru Station JR Rapid (Airport) 28 mins
  • Subway
  • Nanboku Line --directly connected to Sapporo Station
    Toho Line-- directly connected to Sapporo Station
  • Bus
  • Directly connected to Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
    Sapporo Station North Exit Bus Terminal--directly connected to JR Sapporo Station
    Front of Sapporo Station Sapporo Station—Tokyu Department Store south side 1-minute walk
【Guests arriving by car】
  • 2 hours free parking service
    2000 yen purchage: 2 hour free parking at Apia, Esta, paseo, Stellar Place Present your Sapporo parking ticket to each shop staff at the register.
  • Parking Discount
  • One per one parking ticket. Cannot be used with multiple purchases. Some shops carry different conditions and services.
【Taxi stop】
  • Taxi stop:Sapporo Station South Exit
  • Taxi stop:Sapporo Station North Exit

Language service

Staff (Information desk)Japanese
Ceiling hanging signJapanese, English, Korean,
Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese
paseo pamphletJapanese
general pamphlet
Japanese, English, Korean,
Simplified Chinese,
Traditional Chinese

Credit card that can be used

China UnionPay, VISA, JCB, Master, AMEX, DINERS,SmartPay

China UnionPay VISA JCB MASTER AMEX Diners SmartPay

Questions about travel to Hokkaido

We accept questions about Hokkaido trips.
Please let us help you preparing for your individual trips,
small-group trips, observation tours, etc.

Please use the inquiry form.


Shopping center directly connected to Sapporo Station JR TOWER