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Gyukaku, located in Susukino Saporro, is energetic, bright and clean Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) restaurant.

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If you feel like Yakiniku in Susukino, welcome to Gyukaku!

Sapporo Susukino

Address : 3rd Green Bldg. B1, 1-1, Minami 4jo Nishi
3chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
TEL : +81-11-522-4129
Business Hours : 5:00p.m.-0:00a.m.(L.O.11:20p.m.)

8 Points of Interest
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Great location. 1-minute walking from Exit 3 of Susukino subway station.

Reasonable price (from 390 yen per plate)

All-you-can-eat course
(2,980yen, 3,480yen, 4,380yen)

Not only meat, but salad and side dishes are also included! Reasonable fixed price.

Specially selected 4 kinds of meat assortment
From Kuroge Wagyu Special Choice Short Ribs to rare parts of Spare Ribs.

Chateaubriand is the scarce portion selected from only the very tender central area among the highest grade fillets.

Full of side menus
Small side dishes, appetizer, soup, rice, etc.
Satisfaction and satiety.

English menu is available

Offering various dessert.


Gyukaku, located in the center of Susukino, is energetic, bright and clean Yakiniku restaurant. Besides, there are a lot of menu selections, such as very reasonable and tasty all-you-can-eat 2,980 yen course, authentic beef filet thick steak, etc. Individual or group, all customers are welcome. We are looking forward to your visit here in Gyukaku Susukino, where we also offer you "GENKI" energy.

★We offer suitable size of tables depending on the number of group.

Counter tables
Tables in semi-private room
Tables for 8 - 10 people
Horigotatsu tables suitable for big/small groups

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Reasonable all-you-can-eat <2,980yen〜>

  • "Okigaru" course, all-you-can-eat including all 70 kinds, 2,980yen(Excluding tax)
  • "Gyukaku" course, all-you-can-eat including all 100 kinds, 3,480yen(Excluding tax)
  • "Tannou" course, all-you-can-eat including all 100 kinds, 4,380yen(Excluding tax)

* Half price for elementary school (or younger) children, and 500 yen discount for anyone over 65.
* Free for pre-school children.
*You can enjoy for 90 minutes.
 (Last order has to be made within 70 minutes)
* Everyone in the party has to order the same course.

"Tannou" course, all-you-can-eat including all 110 kinds, 4,380yen(Excluding tax)

  • Appertizer:Yamitsuki(addictive flavor) cabbage
  • Meat: Beef tongue
  • Dessert:
    You can choose one from variety of selections, such as Chinese style almond pudding, ice-cream, coffee jelly, etc.

*The followings will be served first, followed by dessert after meal.

●Beef (Roast, Short ribs, Diaphragm (Sagari and Harami),
 Tongue, etc. Variety of flavors are available.)
●Pork (Brand pork, pork giblets, etc.)
●Chicken (Salt, Sweet sauce, Sweet hot sauce, Basil)
●Sorts of vegetables
●Juicy sausages
●Delicious chunk of roasted bacon
●Baked garlics
●Various vegetables
●Yamitsuki(addictive flavor) cabbage
●Crunchy Korean seasoned bean sprout
●Kimchi assortment
●Korean style spicy salad
●Asparagus lettuce
●Seaweed soup
●Egg soup
●Cold noodle
●Mini bibimbap
●Rice in egg soup

etc. including all 110 kinds!

Special selections

(dish limited to Hokkaido)
Kuroge Wagyu special choice short ribs
Lamb jingis kan,
Mongolian style BBQ
(dish limited to Hokkaido)
Aged thick-cut cow diaphragm
Marbled tongue beef (salt)
Gyukaku short ribs
Select skirt steak
Thigh, drumette

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Full of side menus

Vegetable assortment
Seafood tofu broth
Bibimbap in hotplate
Cold noodle

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Special Gyukaku sauce

<Basic sauce>
Gyukaku recommended sauce extracting natural sweetness of soy sauce-based flavor.

<Salt-based sauce>
High quality white soy sauce blended with tasty salt, garlic, etc. Light taste sauce using black vinegar as hidden taste.

<Miso-based sauce>
Blended with barley miso from Kyushu area, red miso and white miso from Shinshu area, and gochujang (Korean red chili paste). Rich taste sauce.

Map & Access


■2-minute walking from Exit 3 of Susukino station of Subway Nanboku-line.
■2-minute walking from Exit 3 of Susukino station of Subway Toho-line.


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