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For a reasonably priced Wagyu beef meal in Sapporo Hokkaido, head to Ippatsu Don. We have all you can eat, and private rooms.

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We buy selected Japanese cattle in whole! Eat kalbi (short ribs) of the best grade at a reasonable price!
We also offer all-you-can-eat menu that you can choose.

Char-grill Izakaya
Ippatsu Don

■ 1-5, Minami 6-jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuou-ku,
  Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
■ TEL:+81-11−513−5801
■ FAX:+81-11−513−5800
■ Business Hour:6:00p.m.〜8:00a.m.
(L.O. 7:30a.m.)
■ Open year-round



Popular Wagyu beef at
reasonable prices!

All the beef of our restaurant uses is domestic Japanese black Wagyu beef.

Please enjoy many of our top quality menu items at affordable prices.

All you can eat yakiniku
(BBQ grilled meat)

All you can eat from 4,500 yen with 50 dishes in total to choose from including Hokkaido produced fresh pork intestines, Wagyu beef calbi (boneless short rib), side dishes and more.
We can offer this great price because we buy our cattle whole!

All you can eat specially chosen top quality Wagyu beef! All you can eat yakiniku 4,500JPY All you can eat shabu-shabu 3,300JPY

Specialty Wagyu beef

We buy selected Japanese cattle in whole!
You can also eat scarce parts of beef which are rarely offered in other restaurants.

Ippatsu Don Calbi (boneless short ribs) Beef bottom flap Beef tongue

We have private rooms

We prepare various seating arrangements suited to your needs.

Counter seating Private style seats for 2 people Private room with sunken table

Ippatsu Don Recommendations

Good value Wagyu beef assortment

Carefully selected A5 and A4 ranked meat

Wagyu beef skirt steak

Shoulder clod(Oyster blade)

Specialty Hokkaido produced Wagyu beef

Chicken set

Fully hand-made specialty reimen (cold noodles)

Bibimbap (meat, vegetables and rice mixed in a heated stone pot)

Yakiniku restaurant beef stock ramen noodle soup

Chicken skin with spinach salad

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We buy whole cattle so we can provide abundant meat at low prices.

At Ippatsu Don we can offer a large variety of dishes as we order whole cattle and come up with dishes using every part.
Come and experience the unique cuts of meat that you can't find at other restaurants. We don't waste any of the delicious Wagyu beef.

Fully hand-made reimen (cold noodles)

Beef bones and tendons slowly cooked into a collagen filled tasty soup with added Japanese specialty stocks such as kombu kelp and dried bonito. The noodles and ingredients are all hand-made. Please try the specialty flavors of Ippatsu Don.


■ 1-5, Minami 6-jo Nishi 4-chome, Chuou-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
■ TEL:+81-11−513−5801
■ FAX:+81-11−513−5800
■ Business Hour:6:00p.m.〜8:00a.m.(L.O. 7:30a.m.)
■ Open year-round
■ Capacity: 90 seats
  Private room: ○ (7 rooms, 2 persons or mor)
■ Average budget (1 person) 3,000JPY
■ Access: 5 minutes walk from Susukino sta. at Subway Nanboku-Line.
■ Language Service: Menu: Japanese, Chinese, English
Staff: Japanese
■ Wi-Fi: Avairable